Southampton Mission Day


This page is where we will include information about the missions available in Southampton for Mission Day.

MD Missions

There are 24 official Mission Day missions that will go live in Southampton on mission day, they look similar to this and they appear in this Google Map. (This teaser image is made of a slice from each of them, on the day they'll be full pictures!)

In order to qualify for a credit from Niantic for participating in Mission Day, you will have to do a minimum of 6 missions, and then come and register with your phone with us at the Wool House. (Of course, if you want more of a challenge you can do more!)

Also marked on the map are the location of car parks, public toilets, and for players of limited mobility (or time) a suggested 6 mission route.

Please note all missions should be 24/7 accessible BUT for the St Mary's Stadium mission, note there is home game on Mission Day so avoiding the area around the hour before kick off and the hour after it finishes as the area will be very busy. Also note for anyone wanting to do the Hythe mission, the first ferry across is 10am on Sundays and the last ferry back is 6pm. They run hourly, take about 10 mins to do the crossing and the return fare costs £7 (or £10 with a bike). There are buses outside of the ferry times. We'll provide bus routes on the website for all of the slightly further out missions. Players are reminded to consider their personal safety if attempting missions at night, especially the parks and common.


We have a number of banner missions in and around Southampton, from short easy routes to monsters! This list will be updated with more information about what to expect and we'll add new ones as they go live.

BRO Southampton

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A short BROgress banner celebrating cross-factional unity over Southampton's western medieval walls and back up the High Street.
0-5km2km 0-50 uniques46 upv

RMS Titanic

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A 6 mission banner in honour of one of the most famous ships ever to sail from Southampton, the Titanic. Covering a number of sites to do with the ship and starting in Southampton Common.
0-5km5km0-50 uniques36 upv

Around the River

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A 6 mission trip around the Itchen river north east of the city
5-10km8.06km0-50 uniques36 upv


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A leisurely wander through some of Southampton's city centre parks, starting off to the north of the city in Watts Park (named after Isaac Watts, of whom a statue can be found in the park).
0-5km2.59km0-50 uniques35 upv

Park Patrol

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A lovely walk through the town parks.
0-5km2.7km0-50 uniques36 upv

Monsters Day Trip

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Coral's taking a break from watching planes to come to Southampton for a day trip with her five best monster pals. They've arrived at the train station. Follow along to see where they go...
0-5km2.71km0-50 uniques45 upv

Kitten Around in Southampton

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A purrfect short stroll around the Holyrood area of Southampton with some little feline friends for company.
0-5km2.43km0-50 uniques38 upv

Shirley High Street

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Shirley High Street is on the western side of Southampton and features a wide range of Shops, Bars and restaurants.
0-5km3.34km0-50 uniques29 upv

Hythe Pier

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A walk around the beautiful village of Hythe, home to the world's oldest continuously operating pier train. The series begins in Hythe Marina.
0-5km2.73km0-50 uniques38 upv

Quizlovers Southampton

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A little teaser to test yourself while you're out and about in Southampton City Centre.
0-5km1.1km0-50 uniques6 upv

University Tour

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A 6-mission tour around the University of Southampton's Highfield Campus.
0-5km3.13km0-50 uniques35 upv

Southampton Skyline

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A mission taking you north of the city up to the beautiful common and back down to the top of the city centre parks.
5-10km7.54km50-100 uniques70 upv

Worlds Collide

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A tour around central Southampton showing that when two factions meet the collision is explosive!
5-10km5.44km100-150 uniques101 upv

Southampton Trooper

show map
Perfect for Star Wars fans. Create the Kashyyyk Trooper image while exploring some of Southampton and surrounding areas.
20-30km24.91km100-150 uniques107 upv

City of Southampton

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A 31km tour around Southampton City centre and the outlying residential areas including Portswood, Bitterne, the University, Southampton Common, Shirley, Millbrook and Freemantle.
30-40km31km+200 uniques235 upv

Southampton Resistance

show map
Complete the 24 missions around Southampton Town to complete the image of a resistant Orisa. Good Luck!
5-10km6.91km100-150 uniques131 upv

Southampton Trek

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Complete the 24 missions around Southampton Town to complete the image of an enlightened Bastion. Good Luck!
5-10km6.49km100-150 uniques126 upv

Southampton Biocard 2018

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Specially for Southampton's Mission day, a biocard banner featuring the city's iconic Bargate. The route is circular with lots of uniques but doesn't go too far out of town.
10-20km11.07km150-200 uniques179 upv

Oh When The Saints

show map
42 part mission banner exploring Southampton Football Club’s home city. Starting at The Dell (the site of their former ground) winding through the city and ending at St Marys Stadium. Quiz en-route!
20+km22.26km200+ uniques233 upv