Southampton Mission Day


Welcome to the Southampton Mission Day website! The event has now finished, but we are very happy to have hosted so many of you in our historic maritime city on Sunday 7th October.

Overall we had 290 Ingress players register 6 completed missions of our 24 on the day, with the split being pretty much even between Resistance and Enlightened, which we were really happy to see. This website will remain up while we wait for Niantic to push out the badge credits to everyone.

I know several people completed all 24 mission day missions which was an amazing day's missioning, and it was great to see so many people had done banners as well while they were here. Thank you all for attending and adding to this event, whether you brought cake or enthusiasm, and we hope you had fun playing here in the autumn sun.

From your Mission Day Team

Name IGN
tiny lily tinylily
Megan Howe Qorealis
Adrian LynhamAdgeToo
Adam Barnes probablylost
Graeme HeliosFA
Name IGN
Ed Hall Hallcrowe
Hannah UK bluegenes
Justin Kent Fuzzylogic95
Martin Hance SepticBadger69