Southampton Mission Day


Welcome to the Southampton Mission Day website! We look forward to hosting you in our historic maritime city on Sunday 7th October.


You can now register online for Southampton Mission Day! As with other player-run events, there are two places to register: once with Niantic, and once with us.

Niantic registration

Niantic's registration page is now open, this is important to make sure you get your credit for attending the event.

Register with Niantic here!

Southampton MD registration

You can also now pre-register with us. We will send you a QR code by email (check your spam folder if this doesn't appear shortly after registering).

You can then show this when you've done your missions and carry on enjoying the day with less time queueing and less chance of misspelling your name.

In the meantime please feel free to join our cross-faction telegram chat.

From your Mission Day Team

Name IGN
tiny lily tinylily
Megan Howe Qorealis
Adrian LynhamAdgeToo
Adam Barnes probablylost
Graeme HeliosFA
Name IGN
Ed Hall Hallcrowe
Hannah UK bluegenes
Justin Kent Fuzzylogic95
Martin Hance SepticBadger69